I’ve used it in two different laptops Windows 7 and Windows Still, it’s cheap, it works, and it didn’t take too much effort to set up. A minor issue is pulling out the usb cabe as the whole thing will come out. Perhaps you should start here: For some that can be all the difference in the world, but I am guessing that Loaded the driver from the ASM folder on the mini-CD, which was a bit of an extra effort since this Thinkpad has no CD reader capable of dealing with those stupid mini-CDs and so another machine was needed to copy the drivers to a SD card. I like to know that I can find device drivers online in case I lose said driver discs or drivers get updated later on, but sadly, I must make sure to keep safe the included driver disc.

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I am going back to mow my lawn. It does seem weird sometimes if you eject without a reboot. Speeds with this connector are great, even with two devices connected at once. There is only one problem with this card – there Installed the first time nothing happened. Bc62 is the OEM of the Express card to supply the driver for the device and the respective operating system. It probably would have gone a little faster had the boot from CD worked.


I just purchased a USB3. This adapter is a great way to add USB 3.

Hopefully this post will save you a lot of hassle and a heart attack. Found it on a MacRumors forum. After installation this benchmarked at the same speed as the port on my desktop.

Be aware of how power delivery works before bc268. I have resorted to using a piece of tape to hold the cable in to the side of the laptop to keep it from falling out.

GMYLE® ExpressCard 34mm to USB 3.0 Adapter (Dual Port)

Haven’t tried any other powered peripheral. I love this card as the speed of my transfers with my USB 3.

Gmyoe done, the card works really well on my Macbook. Speeds are very fast. I had previously benchmarked an Adata 16gb usb 3. Am giving it only 4 stars because no Macintosh driver was included or linked to. Im running Mavricks on an 07 santa rosa MBP But you will have to download and install 3rd party drivers through an indirect method.

I’ve actually purchased two of these one to replace one that I had misplaced. Exactly what I wanted However, there is a flaw Card fits snugly into the slot, enough that it will not simply fall out.


ανταπτορας usb – Κάρτες PCMCIA –

So you have to use save dismount function for both connected devices so you wont lose data. It will be more like 2. So the whole thing must be handled carefully. Needed USB3 for faster access to external disk drives. Now that many hours of my life are gone and lost forever, I’ll tell you what I have discovered.


But then I tugged a little harder and it came out. So, unless g,yle careful, be prepared to occasionally disconnect your USB drive unexpectedly which makes everything unhappy. Cheap Cons Slides out of expresscard port easy Cannot hot swap. Many cards of this type have a large clump that sits outside the laptop whereas this card sits nearly flush with the edge.