The Kenbak-1 , ancestor of the first personal computers , used TTL for its CPU instead of a microprocessor chip, which was not available in Sign up using Email and Password. Even after Very-large-scale integration integrated circuits made multiple-circuit-board processors obsolete, TTL devices still found extensive use as the glue logic interfacing between more densely integrated components. Examples of this type of gate are the [15] and series. Thomas Weller 3 It also limits the output current in the case of output logical “1” and short connection to the ground. Wikimedia Commons has media related to TTL.

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In some cases e. Successive generations of technology produced compatible parts with improved power consumption or switching speed, or both. At least one computer manufacturer, IBM, built its own flip chip integrated circuits with TTL; these chips were mounted on ceramic multi-chip modules.

Static Dynamic Domino logic Four-phase logic. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Within usefully broad limits, logic gates can be treated as ideal Boolean devices without concern for electrical limitations. The output stage of the most common TTL gates is specified to function correctly when driving up to 10 standard input stages a fanout of The resistor R 3 does not increase the output resistance since it is connected in the V 3 collector and its influence is compensated by the negative feedback.


Functions within a single package generally range from a few logic gates to a microprocessor bit-slice. In the case of NAND inputs, the inputs are the emitters of multiple-emitter transistorsfunctionally equivalent to multiple transistors where the bases and collectors are tied together.

The main disadvantage of TTL with a simple output stage is the go high output resistance at output logical “1” that is completely determined by the output collector resistor. Before the advent of VLSI devices, TTL integrated circuits were a standard method of construction for the processors of mini-computer and mainframe processors; such as the DEC VAX and Data General Eclipseand for equipment such as machine tool numerical controls, printers and video display terminals. A common variation omits the collector resistor of the output transistor, making an open-collector output.

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A disadvantage of the “totem-pole” output stage is the decreased voltage level no more than 3. Typically, TTL chips integrate no more than a few hundred transistors each. Examples of this type of gate are the [15] and series. CMOS devices consume power proportional to their switching frequency The term “TTL” is applied to many successive generations of bipolar logic, with gradual improvements in speed and power consumption over about two decades.

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It consists of the two n-p-n transistors V 3 and V 4the “lifting” diode V 5 and the current-limiting resistor R 3 see the figure on the right. Retrieved 14 October Such amplifiers may be useful to convert analog signals to the digital domain but would not ordinarily be used where analog amplification is the primary purpose.

TTL outputs must be able to sink 16 mA with a voltage drop of no more than 0. When V 2 is “on”, it activates V 4driving low voltage logical “0” to the output. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Digital I/O

Transistor—transistor logic TTL is a logic family built from bipolar junction transistors. So, as far as I understand, the difference is only internal, whether our ICs operate at 5V or 3.

This drawback is usually overcome by buffering the outputs with special line-driver devices where signals need to be sent through cables. The series by Texas Instruments became particularly popular. The Texas Instruments family became an industry standard. The driving stage must absorb up to 1.

It also limits the output current in the case of output logical “1” and short connection to the ground. TTL became the foundation of computers and other digital electronics. Retrieved 16 April Archive of web page from University of Connecticut.