There is no other workaround at this time. When I use fast-user switching to change between Windows accounts, my configuration of my Razer product is no longer active. As i’m playing a new game now, i tried to recustomize the buttons but the program is unable to detect the CH mouse now. What is the difference between “driver” and “firmware” updates the Razer Support Site? What should I do? Power off your device.

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[SOLVED] Razer Copperhead – updating firmware.

Please feel free to contact customer support at http: Win Vista File Version: Where can I find drivers for my Razer product? Is it Windows 7 64Bits SP1? Enhanced compatibility with certain storage cards. It has USB ports. Where can I enter the code so I can use it to purchase products?

One of the features of my Razer Product does not work. How long is my warranty? Polling data from the mouse at times per second can cause the buffer to choke up and disregard some mouse events as the buffer size is pre-defined and not dynamic.

Razer does make available some basic external spare parts at http: If it does not work at all, please contact our Customer Support team here. KVM switches are known to cause interruptions in communications between devices and PCs. We employ a team from around the world.


If a button has been assigned to “On-The-Fly Sensitivity,” pressing and holding the assigned button down while moving the scroll wheel up or down will produce a bar on the lower right hand corner of your screen allowing you to adjust your sensitivity settings. The configuration of the product is unique and set for iwndows logged in user; once you switch users you will have to re-configure the product.

Razer Copperhead Support

Try the Automatic Driver Update Utilityor you can request a driver and we will find it for you. Hi, anyone have this problem where their Razer Copperhead configurator razrr unable to detect the Copperhead plugged in on a Win7 SP1 64bits setup?

Before attempting any type of cleaning on your mouse, please unplug it from your computer. How can I test my Razer Mouse to be sure that the buttons are assigned and working properly?

[SOLVED] Razer Copperhead – updating firmware. – Tech Support Forum

Do not scrub the surface of your Razer mouse. Check if On-The-Fly Sensitivity works on your desktop. When the active Profile is copperheadd, the Razer Copperhead will flash the corresponding number of times for example, if Profile 3 is activated, the Razer Copperhead will flash 3 times to indicate that is the Profile you have selected.

Razer products are designed to rzzer well beyond when the warranty has expired. Check to ensure that you have the latest Razer Copperhead driver installed. By proceeding, you consent to our cookie usage.


It will remember the currently active Profile even if turned off and will boot up in the active Profile. The only problem with this is there is a risk of mouse movement being clipped by the edge of the screen which can be a fairly large problem in CPMA.

Unfortunately, customer support has no information on future product or driver releases. You can set macros to reflect the majority of keyboard keys except the Windows keys and enhanced function keys.

To correct this issue, uninstall the software copperhead download the appropriate drivers from here. Product warranty lengths differ depending on your Razer product. Fixed the issue that system may not able to boot when Razer USB mouse installed. This is a specific setting in the driver to turn sindows the Enhanced Pointer Precision, which is a much requested feature from most gamers. Firmware updates are hardware level code to install directly onto the Razer device that can update, fix, or change functionality of the product.